Business Letter for Professionals

When you are writing the letter for official purpose, it is important to follow the proper format and structure for formal communication. The business letter format is very important when you are communicating formally with any company. You cannot use the same tone that you use in the letters to the family or friends. It should look more formal to make an impact on the person reading the letter. Follow the proper format for writing the letter for a particular purpose. Here we discuss the tips for writing a business letter for solving the business queries.

Business Letter Writing

There is no single way of writing the business letters. Many people choose different ways of letter writing for drafting a business letter. These days, it has become common to type the formal letters instead of handwriting them. Following is the simple format of the business letter:

·        Heading

·        Date

·        Opening

·        Body

·        Closing

The heading of the letter should include your name and address of the company. It is also important to mention the date of writing the letter. This will help in keeping the record if required in future. Address can be mentioned anywhere on the top of the page, that is, either center, left or right side of the page. The most preferred location for the address is top right corner of the page.

Date is placed immediately below the address on the letterhead. It can be placed anywhere from left to right on the top of the resume depending on the position of the address.

Opening of the letter includes name, address and greetings to the person to whom you are writings. These details should be positioned on the left hand side of the letter.

The body of the letter should include the message that you wanted to convey to the company. This message should be clear, concise and courteous. Organize the body of letter depending on the reason for writing it.

Close the letter with a thank you note for sparing time to read your letter. You can include your name when signing off the letter.